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Brigitte Bigi (LPL) visited the Chinese and Bilingual Studies Department at PolyU for a collaboration with Roxana Fung on Adding SPPAS into Cantonese. October 2014 PolyU, Hong Kong
Emilien Gorène (PhD Erasmus Mundus) stayed from October, 2014 to April 2015 at the Chinese and Bilingual Studies Department, PolyU. October 2014to April 2015 PolyU, Hong Kong
Laurent Prévot (LPL) was at PolyU for two weeks, in December 2014. December 2014 PolyU, Hong Kong
In January 2015, Julie Abbou (LPL) has worked with Cathy Wong and Angela Tse at PolyU on Gender in Cantonese and English. January 2015 PolyU, Hong Kong
Serge Pinto, Joana Revis, Antoine Giovanni, Camille Galland, Alain Ghio (LPL) and Ana Nunes (Macau U) were at PolyU for the Voice Training Week (Speech Therapy School) March 2015 PolyU, Hong Kong
Roxana Fung (PolyU) was at the LPL for a 3-months research stay, working with Brigitte Bigi (LPL) on the Adding SPPAS into Cantonese Project. March-May 2015 LPL, Aix-en-Provence
Chu-ren Huang (PolyU)  stayed at the LPL for the closing meeting of MUTLI Erasmus Mundus Programme, and Variamu updates July 2015 LPL, Aix-en-Provence
Yao Yao (PolyU) visited the LPL to work onthe Werewolf project July 2015 LPL, Aix-en-Provence
Jasmin Sadat (LPL), will be in PolyU and Macau to supervise Students from the Master of Speech Therapy at Hongkong Polytechnic University. August 2015 PolyU, Hong Kong


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