Variamu Seminar #1

Visioseminar (LPL, PolyU, Macau U)

Preserving and sharing linguistic resources with SLDR/ORTOLANG

Bernard BEL (LPL), Arnaud GINGOLD (LPL)

November, 3, 2014

Linguistic data include recorded or written corpora, their annotations/analyses, lexical and grammatical resources, and tools for the display and processing of diverse forms of data. The main challenge of designing a repository and associated curation procedures lies in putting a minimum set of constraints on the data produced by a research project, and altogether allowing its long-term preservation for usage by other teams. To this effect, the repository should create an extensive amount of descriptive metadata in standard formats, persistent identifiers targetting fine-grain content, and an integrated management of access rights complying with the consent of project participants and the legal context of the archive.

We will describe these steps in the current SLDR/ORTOLANG framework, taking as an example the creation and curation of a speech corpus.

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