Variamu Seminar #2

Erratum: the seminar will be held on Tuesday 13th January
at 5pm (Hong Kong, Macau) / 10am (Aix)
We are happy to announce you the next Variamu Seminar, to be held Tuesday 16th December 2014, at 5pm (Hong Kong, Macau) / 10am (Aix)

Visioseminar (LPL, PolyU, Macau U)

Speech disorders in Huntington´s disease, Sydenham’s chorea and Neuroacanthocytosis
Tiago Attoni
Postdoc Fellow at the LPL (w/ Serge Pinto)
The basal ganglia are related classically to motor functions, being referred as the extra-pyramidal system. The assumed importance of these structures is seen in motor performance disorders as in Huntington’s disease, Sydenham’s chorea and Neuroacanthocytosis, whose common trait changes in the functioning of the basal ganglia. Speech motor disorders are reported as a common sign at the three diseases, characterized as hyperkinetic dysarthria which occurs mainly as a consequence of choreatic movements. The quality of speech performance is negatively affected by the involuntary contractions of vocal muscles, with incoordination of the jaw, tongue, palate, and facial movements. Thus, the aim current study was to examine principal disturbances of speech presented in the literature for these three diseases. In addition, the new study prospects of the Brazilian group.

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