Fourth Variamu Workshop

The 4th Variamu workshop will be held at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, on January 6th and 7th, 2015.

Here is the programme:

The First Day (Jan. 6th, 2016)
8.30-8.45 Registration Venue: GH803
8.45-9.00 Opening Ceremony Venue: GH803
09.00-09.50 Keynote Speech William S-Y Wang

Language in Diachrony

  Themes Talks
09.50-10.45 How to compare languages Philippe Blache

Computational Typology: How to Compare Languages from Treebanks

Chu-Ren Huang

Endurant vs. Perduant: An Ontological View of How Variations are Linguistically Conventionalized

10.45-11.05 Tea Break
11.05-12.00 From party games to language resources Laurent Prévot

Quantitative Linguistics of Social Interactions

Yao Yao

Conversations in Party Games

12.00-12.55 Distributional semantics Emanuele Chersoni

Dependency-based Modeling of Joint-context in Distributional Similarity

Enrico Santus, Qin Lu, Alessandro Lenci, and Chu-Ren Huang

Not All Contexts are Equal: Automatic Detection of Antonyms, Hyponyms, Co-hyponyms, and Synonyms in Distributional Semantic Model

12.55-14.25 Lunch Break
14.25-15.20 Social variations Julie Abbou

Sounding Like You? What For? Linguistic Accommodation at the Crossroad of Individual Agency, Norms and Social Categories

Sophia Y. M. Lee

Emotion and Code-switching


15.20-16.35 Dysarthria Serge Pinto


Dysarthria : Presentation of the French – Portuguese data

Vivian LeeKaren Yiu, Jasmin Sadat, Serge Pinto, Iris Lam and Angel Chan

Speech Characteristics of Cantonese Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Dustin Lau



Orthography Conversions in Chinese:

Evidence from a dysgraphic patient

16.35-16.55 Tea Break
16.55-17.55 Internal Discussion on Collaboration Possibilities I
The Second Day (Jan. 7th, 2016)
9.00-9.50 Keynote speech Noël Nguyen

Studies on phonetic convergence between speakers in interactional speech

  Themes Talks
09.50-10.45 Chinese as a second language Marco Cappellini

Telecollaborations and (learner) corpora for French and Chinese as Foreign Languages


Sun-A Kim

Chinese character learning: Interplay of character types, working memory, and Chinese proficiency

10.45-11.05 Tea Break
11.05-12.00 Articulation Yohann Meynadier

Make Whisper Intelligible: Aerodynamics of Voicing Contrast and Vocal Effort in Whispered Fricatives

Mantak Leung et. al.


12.00-12.55 Regional variations James German

Intonational Meaning and Regional Indexing in Corsican French Listeners

Angel Chan

Asymmetries in Cantonese Children’s Processing of Relative Clauses: Variations and Competition

12.55-14.30 Lunch Break
14.30-15.25 Neuro-imaging study of language differences Chotiga Pattamadilok

The Influence of Writing System Characteristics on Spoken Language Processing: A comparison between logographic and alphabetic system

Caicai Zhang

Neural Impairment of Tone Language Speakers with Congenital Amusia

15.25-15.35 Closing Session
15.35-16.05 Tea Break
16.05-18.05 Internal Discussion on Collaboration Possibilities II

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