About Variamu

The blog is the blog of an international collaborative joint project co-funded by Amidex. The scientific object of the collaboration is the issue of language variation addressed from a comparative perspective.

Speech and language knowledge supports a growing number of strategic domains such as Human Language Technologies (HLT), Language Learning (LL), and Clinical Linguistics (CL). A crucial issue to these domains is language variation, which can result from dysfunction, proficiency, dialectal specificities, communicative contexts or even inter-individual differences. Variation is often an important part of the question itself. In such a context, the partner institutions of this proposal gather together a comprehensive and complementary set of competences and capacities able to address this question. They are all located at major cultural hubs where many languages and dialects are used. This project seizes this international opportunity to place variation at the center of the debate. Such a move first allows to systematic (statistics over large datasets) comparative methods for producing new insights on a wide range of linguistic phenomena. It also introduces interesting challenges to automatic processing techniques that rely on rules (being symbolic or probabilistic) well designed to handle a given variety (most of the time the standard one) but less geared towards data with significant sources of variations.
The present VariAMU project brings the collaboration between the partners a step further and constitutes a unique opportunity for them to officially internationalize their network. This network will be structured around 3 research axes, all centered on the variation concept: (i) Language technologies, (i) Linguistics and Phonetics, (ii) Speech and Language Pathologies.

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